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How can we convert from a PDF file to a text file?

To convert from a PDF file to a text file, you must first go to the website below. >>> https://smallpdf.com/pdf-to-word

  • Then you need to click on the Add Fine option.
  • Then it will be brought to your PC by heart.
  • From there you need to set the file that you want to convert the PDF file to a text file.
  • You will have to wait for the file to upload.
  • Then when the file is uploaded then you convert Paste two words here.
  • After pasting here you will see a button called Choose Options you need to submit there.
  • The PDF file will then be automatically converted to a text file.
  • You can then download the text file from there and take it to Google Drive or you can share it anywhere on your social media.

  • And if they don’t let you convert.
  • In that case they have an option of Free Taylor Seven Days. You can register using any email by pressing on it.
  • Then you can use it for seven days.
  • If you ever need to convert a lot of files.
  • In that case you will be able to work by creating a new account every seven days.

Thanks everyone.

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