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What is social media marketing? Today we will learn how to do social media marketing.

By social media we mean sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit etc. We will learn how to do marketing on sites.

There are 3 of the best quality sites on social media. How to do marketing on those sites.
We will give you an idea about that. You work according to that idea. You can earn money by marketing on social media.

Facebook Marketing.

We can do marketing in different ways on Facebook. There are two top methods, with which we can easily earn a lot of money by marketing on Facebook.

1. One is by creating the page

We will create a Facebook page on the topic we want to market on Facebook.
We can post regularly on that page and we can promote the page by sharing that page in different profiles, groups.
We will be able to earn money through the visitors we get from there. If you work with a product then you.

You can sell those products through this page or you can give the link of your product through the post that you will do, from there visitors can go to your side and buy the product, this way you can earn money.

Special tips for Facebook page marketing

If you have a completely new page and have 10 to 20 Facebook accounts. Then you can collect many pages related to your product from Facebook.
The posts that they will make on those pages, the posts that have comments option.
In that comment option you can share the link of your page or product and you can share your product comment box.

When commenting, you must remember that you have made 100+ comments from one ID. Then Facebook can block your ID.
Or your comment may catch spam, so you will comment on 10 to 20 posts from one account.
Log out of that account again and comment 10 to 20 hours with another account.
In this way, if you can comment using ten to twenty Facebook.
In that case you will get a good quality traffic, this way you can do marketing through Facebook page in addition to your page.
You need to post on someone else’s page. This is a special tip for you.

2. The second is by group posting

We can do Facebook marketing through the group you created or whatever group you create.

We need to post regularly to the group we will create and give the opportunity to post to the members we have. Then the group can be expanded very quickly and we can earn money from it by sharing products from time to time.
This could be a link to any affiliate site or a link to your own e-commerce site.

If you don’t have a large group, then you can search on Facebook by typing your product related or your business related name.
Then you will like and comment on the regular group. When you will be active in that group for seven days.
Then you will understand the opportunity to share your product or your business in the post group.
If they do not upload the post, then you will regularly comment on the highlighted posts in the group.
There you can share your product and share the link to your website, thus you can do marketing in Facebook group, in addition to group.

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